Monday, 5 November 2012

1 Year

Today we have been married for a whole year.  A year ago today was the best day of my life.  A day that I hope to always remember, and the day that married my best friend.  Thanks for putting up with me Ryan even though I can barely cook, don't particularly like cleaning and watch way too much reality TV.  They say the first year is the hardest.  I guess every moment wasn't easy, but if that was as hard as it gets I'm sure we will be just fine!

Happy Anniversary to my Fella
Here's to 50 more

Oh and this kicks off wedding week!  Or maybe the double wedding week (because I think I have more than 4 posts).  I have been saving up all of the deets of our wedding festivities for some special anniversary posts.  Maybe I will throw in our honeymoon too if I get around to it.



  1. Congratulations Kaileigh! So excited to hear about your wedding! :)

  2. oh, happy anniversay for you two!!!
    wish you another blissful years of life.

    have a great weekend Kaileigh :)