Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wedding: The Dress

In honour of Anniversary week, we are going to take this blog back to a year ago when Ryan and I said I do.  I hope you enjoy the details. 

I bought the first dress that I tried on. 

The first day that I went dress shopping we had plans to go to two bridal stores.  We went into the first one and when I walked in the consultant looked at me and said "do you like lace?"  Well yes I do!  I pretty much knew that I wanted a lace dress, but I was open to anything. 

She pulled out this dress.  It was there on loan from another store because somebody had specifically asked for it.  It was only there for a week. 
Because it was the first dress that I tried on, I couldn't be sure that it was the one.  I tried it on right before I left, and they put a veil on me, my sister-in-law cried, but I still couldn't be sure.  It was my first day of dress shopping!  I left that day, but was told that I should probably buy a dress within the next four days because of our short engagement.  This was all within a week of getting engaged!   
We went to one more store that day with no luck.  I went out shopping again that weekend.  I tried on a lot of dresses but I never got that magical this is my dress, burst into tears feeling.  They make it seem like everyone has that feeling on TV, but they don't.  We decided to go back to the first store again to show my friend the first dress.  When I put it on this time I knew.  And that was that!

It was actually a light gold dress with ivory lace.  I'm a pale girl, so the darker colour looked much better on me than ivory or white.  Once I had tried on a couple gold dresses, I knew that was the colour for me.  

I never really wanted a strapless dress, so we bought some extra material and added the straps.  It made the dress one of a kind!



  1. I saw my dress as soon as I walked in the store and couldn't get it out of my head. It was the third one I tried on and I knew it was it, but I ended up in about a dozed to appease my sisters before putting it back on and saying yes! You looked stunning in that lace and I love the unique back!