Monday, 12 November 2012

Our Anniversary Weekend

We interrupt our scheduled wedding posts for a recap of our anniversary weekend!  We went away for our anniversary and had a great time.  We drove up to a ski resort area (yes I know there is no snow yet, although we drove through a minor blizzard on the way there).  But we just got away for a weekend and had some time to ourselves. 
We found the only waterfalls in the area.  It wasn't much, but it was something.  It was definitely on private property, so we just stood on the bridge and looked at it, no view from the bottom for us!
We found out about a provincial park that wasn't too far away that had animals.  It had a whole bunch of Canadian animals in it.  Excuse the fence lines, apparently they don't want you sticking your hands in the bear cage.
Birds, foxes, a bear, a wolf, a bob cat, and of course the deer
The dear were so tame, they would come right up to the fence.
I think they thought they were cats.  This one just stood there and let me pet it.  Then it started licking my coat.  It was pretty neat!

There were also hiking trails, so we went for a walk.  It was cold, but a beautiful day.  
We had an amazing dinner on the Saturday night.  As long as I have good food I'm happy!

Sunday morning, in order to get the Friday night at the resort for free, we went to a time share presentation.  Usually this isn't something that we would do, but I figured it was worth it because we were getting a whole extra night at the hotel.  (Which was a $160 value apparently).  They almost got us too!  They made it seem like such a good idea.  But in the end we were able to say no.

It was nice to be able to take time to celebrate our first year of marriage together! 



  1. What a nice weekend! Sounds perfect. Although, I cannot believe you touched a deer! They scare me!

  2. Man, looks like a great weekend! Congrats again on your anniversary! (Is that what you're supposed to say? Maybe happy anniversary works better? ...either way!:)