Thursday, 8 November 2012

Our Wedding: The Ladies Who Stood Next to Me

Bridesmaid dresses are difficult.  I think I had a harder time with them than with my own.  It's hard to put four very different girls in the same dress.  That's why originally I planned on choosing a line of dresses that came in the same fabric and letting them choose the one they wanted. I found a line that I really liked.  Then we went to try them on and they were just not good. They were very unflattering, and I didn't want anyone to be uncomfortable.  So that idea went out the window.   

We did find a dress that worked for everyone.  We had more troubles along the way including some stains on the dresses and some alteration issues, but on the day of the wedding they all looked great.
I also made these hangers for each of the girls with their names. They weren't as good as the ones that you could buy, but they turned out pretty well and I saved a lot of money!  When you buy these online they are around $20 each.  I made all of them for under $20.
Then there was the flower girl.  When I was 3, I was in my uncle's wedding and wore this dress.  Lucky for me, my flower girl was three as well and this dress went so well with mine.  All we did was switch out some pink ribbon for some ivory ribbon and it was good to go.
As their bridesmaid gifts, I got the girls some necklaces and a coach clutch.  I didn't want to get them a necklace that was for the wedding, because I wanted to choose it for them and not be choosing it for myself and what I thought would look best.  So we were lucky that each girl had access to some pearls that they could wear.  I think that the pearls looked great and made them all look so classy!
Are they not the cutest couple you've ever seen?  I don't think they let go of each others hands all day!
 They just make my heart melt!


  1. Those bridesmaids dresses are beautiful! And the flower girl is too cute!

  2. I LOVE your bridesmaid dresses! And all your bridesmaids really do look great in them!