Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pet Peeves

Today I want to share pet peeves.  A lot of things really grind my gears.  Not going to lie, I'm easily annoyed.  So here are a few of the things that bother me:
  • People who update their bbm to people who don't have bbm.  If they can't see it, why are you making your status to them?  
  • When people put drinking ahead of other things.  I get it, it's fun.  But being present for family and friends is more important.  
  • People who update vague statuses so that you ask questions.  Saying "What a terrible day" or "I'm so proud of my son"  I refuse to ask you.  If you want attention just say "I'm so proud of my son because...."
  • Pregnancy Parking Spots  I guess when you are 8+ months then maybe you can use them, but when people who are 4 months pregnant need to park closer to the door, well you can probably use the extra walk.  (That may sound cold, but we do so little movement during our days that walking an extra hundred feet across the parking lot is good for everybody.)  
  • When people mix up your and you're.  I have to correct it.  It drives me bonkers.
  • When the outside of a house on a tv show doesn't match the inside.  I'm talking about you Full House.  (This is actually the case in the majority of TV shows I think.)
  • People who are sick all the time.  Clearly something is wrong if you have had 5 colds in 3 months.  Do something about it.
And here is my biggest pet peeve/something I'm totally OCD about.  When the heads on the money don't face the same way.  I was trained at my first job to always ensure that the heads were at the same end in the cash register.  Well then Canada had to go and be ridiculous and make new money and the heads are on opposite sides of the bill.  So now I'm fine with that as long as all of the bills are right side up and the heads are facing the same way.  I can't stand it when a cashier puts them in the register wrong, when they are in my wallet wrong, but the one that really gets me is that the other day I took money out of a bank machine and they weren't all the same way.  What is the world coming to?

End rant.



  1. Grampa Don would be so so so proud of you and your money pet peeve. I think that was his biggest one. I remember being taught that as a very little girl and hearing him rant when people didn't do it. lol

  2. My dad is the same way about money! I do it, in my own wallet, but I really don't notice much. He won't accept bills from a bank teller (or a cashier) until the teller makes them face all the same way!
    UGH my biggest is that vague status thing too. Drives me bonkers. Just SPIT IT OUT. I never ask, even if someone messages me on gchat and says 'OMG' or 'what a crazy weekend' I just let it sit there. They have to follow it up on their own if they want to. Otherwise, ignored!

  3. there, their and they're

  4. Omg, I agree with all of these! Especially the first two! "Happy birthday ! I love you!" Um, doesn't have BBM. He/she has no idea that your status says that. Why don't you just message/call the person instead?

    The drinking one is HUGE for me. Someone I was very, very close to put drinking ahead of everything else and now is no longer here. Someone who is supposed to be my "best friend" is now doing the same thing. We've had so many fights about it and I'm at a loss. Drinking should NEVER come first.

    I felt the same way as you about getting sick. Someone I know who only eats healthy, takes vitamins, sleeps 8 hours a day, washes her hands a lot and works out regularly gets a cold at LEAST once a month! I don't get it! She must be doing something wrong, I'd assume, but what?