Monday, 25 November 2013

The weekend I smushed my cat....twice

This past weekend was a rough one for the Pipperstink.  Here is what happened:

On Friday night, Ryan and I were watching TV in the living room.  I was sitting on the lazy boy, with my feet up and a quilt over my legs.  The quilt was hanging over the edge of the chair, and there is nothing that Pipsi likes more than a fort.  So apparently she was lying underneath the chair.  I did not know this. 

So I go to get up to get something, and put the leg thinger down, it didn't really click though, which I thought was weird.  All of a sudden I hear this scratching noise as the cat is trying to get out from behind the leg recliner.  She ran across the living room trying to get traction on the hardwood.  Then she sat on the other side of the room for the rest of the night just glaring at me and the chair.

The second incident happened on Sunday.  I was in the office and Ryan was lying in bed.  He called to me that the cat was stuck somewhere.  So I go into the bedroom and a dresser drawer is open (which happens a lot) so I automatically push it closed.  But it didn't close all the way.  So I try again.  Then I clue in that Ryan said the cat was stuck somewhere.  I look in behind the drawer and there is Pipsi's little eyes looking out at me.

She never made a sound, so I'm assuming I didn't hurt her, and it kind of serves her right for crawling in behind the drawer.  She clearly didn't learn her lesson because last night I heard her digging and she was in another one of our drawers trying to get behind it.  I told you she loved forts.


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  1. Haha!! Aw poor little smushed baby. But she did climb into those places, so she can't be too mad, right? As long as she's not hurt :)