Sunday, 24 November 2013

Saturday Night

Picture This. 

The ground covered in snow outside.  Candles lit.  Lying on the couch covered by a warm quilt.  Hot chocolate in hand.  And The Holiday on my TV.
reality tv (1252) Animated Gif on Giphy
That my friends, was my Saturday night.  And it's right up there with the best nights of my entire life.

graham simpkins the holiday gif

Well thanks Jude Law.  But if these girls can go on two week vacations by themselves over Christmas, I'm pretty sure that I can kick my husband out of the house and watch a chick flick with myself.  (Ok I didn't kick him out of the house, he had a party to go to and I will always choose a night by myself over a party.)

Anyways, now that I have watched my first "Christmas" movie, I'm really feeling like Christmas.  So it may be time to decorate my house.  I told Ryan that I was going to decorate and he said no, because it's not December 1.  But it's November 24, so it's exactly one month until Christmas eve, so I would say that if you want to decorate now, that wouldn't be a holiday violation.


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