Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Poppers

We were at the cottage this past weekend, and generally while at the cottage we eat.  It sometimes feels like we don't get much more accomplished than that.  

I had made these jalepeno poppers before, but they were way too spicy.  So I decided to try again with a few changes, and these ones turned out amazing and delicious, just as I had hoped.

You need:
Cream Cheese
Grated cheddar or marble cheese
Disposable rubber gloves (optional but highly recommended).

The quantities of course depend on how many jalepenos you are making.
Last time I made these, I didn't use rubber gloves and I paid for it.  It's hard not to touch your eyes when you know you shouldn't! And it actually took days for me to get the jalepenos washed off of my hands.  So just wear the gloves!

First, cut your jalepenos in half.  Take all of the insides out and make sure you get all of the seeds, as that's what makes them spicy.

Mix together some cream cheese with a bit of grated cheese. Spoon into halved jalepenos until full.  

Wrap half a piece of bacon around each jalepeno.

Line a cookie sheet with tin foil and cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  

We weren't quite ready to eat them so I turned the oven down a bit and left them in.  The longer you cook them for the less spicy they are.  I think that last time I cooked them at a higher temperature for about half the time.  So your cooking time can be based on how hot you want them, just keep an eye on the bacon.

They were honestly much more time consuming than I was expecting, but they were totally worth it.


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  1. We make these for sports parties as appetizers and they always go fast! I made the mistake of not wearing gloves once and my skin under my nails burned for days...definitely go with the gloves! They look delish... reminded me just in time for football season! :)