Monday, 4 August 2014

That Vacation Post

So I wrote a post about our vacation last week, and it made me bored.  If a post about my own life events bores me, I can imagine it would probably bore you too.  So I'm trying it again.

Here are some things to do while camping in Kincardine in winter weather conditions (ok maybe not winter, but it felt like November):

1.  Go Golfing.  Or go to the driving range, because me actually golfing would probably be painful and would result in me picking up my ball and moving it to wherever I wanted to be.

 2.  Go to the Kincardine Pipeband parade.  It happens every single Saturday night.  The pipeband walks down the main street, the entire town follows them, and then they walk back.  I'm not much of a bagpipe fan, but this was pretty cool.
 3.  Take a walk on the pier.  Because if there is a pier, it has to be walked on, right?
 4.  Make pancakes.  Because they are delicious.
 5.  Go to the beach.  Don't wear your bathing suit.  It's cold!  But the walking can still be enjoyable.
 6.  Tour the lighthouse and remember why you were terrified of lighthouses when you were younger.  Those stairs are steep!  And while you are going up them, all you can do is think about how you are going to have to get back down again.  But it was still really neat.  Plus, the top of the lighthouse is so hot that it actually feels like summer.
So that's our camping vacation with my parents in a nutshell.  We were actually only camping for 2 days last weekend, then we headed to the cottage for a few days.  But I will save that for another day!


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