Saturday, 29 August 2015

7 Months Later 7 Months Apart

When one of my best friends had her baby, she had no idea that I was about 6 weeks pregnant.  I was so happy to be having a baby so close to her.  Kids can make or break friendships.  It's a big life change and so I'm so happy that I've gone through it with her as I know that our kids will grow up together and we will all be in each others lives years from now.

Her baby is a big boy.  He's on the opposite end of the spectrum from Parker.  Parker is in the 0.1 percentile and Declan is (or last I heard was) in the 98th.  So when we took this picture when Parker was a month old we thought it was the most hilarious picture ever.

Next week Michaela goes back to work from her 14 month maternity leave.  We are going to miss our weekly baby dates with her and Declan!  We knew we just had to try to recreate that picture taken 7 months ago!  It was a bit trickier this time.  Declan is a little mover!  He walks and crawls and was not content to lay on that blanket with Parker like he was last time! This is what I have to look forward to.  

I know that Declan can't wait until Parker is big enough to really play with him. (Will that ever happen?)  Slowly but surely we're getting there and some day this 7 month age gap won't seem like as big of a deal.  Parker is truly lucky to have a few special little friends who are close to his age to grow up with.  I'm sure they will be getting into lots of trouble with each other soon enough.
 Mic, thanks for being our mommy sounding board for the past 7 months.  For answering every single one of my "what did you do?" questions.  You know just because you are going back to work doesn't mean that those questions stop!  You just have an excuse to not respond to me until 3:30.  We love you both!

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