Monday, 24 August 2015

Parker at 7 Months

Parker is 7 months old!  This months pictures have been my favourite to take so far.  He was happy for them and was into everything!  He was grabbing at the blocks and some of the pictures say that he's 8 years old instead of 7 months.... It might have been a bit trickier to get some of the shots but they were so much fun for both of us.

Weight: 11lbs 12 oz

Feeding: We started solids this month!  So far Parker has had rice cereal, peas, zuchini and sweet potatoes.  He wasn't a huge fan of the cereal or zucchini but he seems to like the peas and sweet potatoes.  It's still a long and messy process and he doesn't eat very much in a sitting.

I still nurse on demand.  He nurses for less time, I'm hoping he's just gotten efficient and is still eating a lot, but he's still very content.  I would say he's going a bit longer between feedings too so he's maybe only eating 6 times a day on average instead of 8.

Sleeping: This has been a tricky month for us.  Some nights he still sleeps great, but we've had lots of nights where he's woken up and needed some calming.  Some nights he has ended up in bed with us while camping and some nights I've had to feed him in the middle of the night.  I'm not sure what's to blame!  Whether it's teeth or growth spurts, who knows....  But he still has a lot of nights where he sleeps completely through and is his normal self!

Clothes:  Still 0-3....will we ever get out of this size?  I said the same thing about newborn!  I think we are pretty close to the next size up.  What kind of 7 month old baby wears 0-3 clothes?  Parker that's who...

Diapers:  Size 1's.  

Likes:  The bath.  He splashes around in there and makes a mess!  But he loves it, so I let him.  His toys, the jolly jumper and the exersaucer.  The ladies.  I took him to work and he was passed around for an hour and just smiled away.  Mom who?

Dislikes:   Bottles apparently.  He stopped taking a bottle this month.  The other night I left him with my mom though and she said he took one fine, so I think he's maybe just realized that if his mom is around there is no need for a bottle!

Milestones:  Nothing overly new this month, just doing more and getting better at last months stuff.  He sometimes can sit for a while on his own, but we have to put him there.  Rolls back and forth constantly.  On his belly he props himself up and looks around and then makes grunting noises like it's the hardest thing in the world.   Of course eating solids is definitely a milestone!

He's gotten pretty good at the whole nap thing this month.  We aren't super scheduled but I usually try to put him down for a nap in both the morning and afternoon.  I would say his morning nap is only about 45 minutes to an hour long.  He sometimes naps for a couple hours in the afternoon or will have two one hour naps.  He typically goes down pretty easy and falls right to sleep since I try to put him down when he's looking tired rather than saying "at 9:30 you will nap!"


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