Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Things I Wish I Knew 7 Months Ago

7 months ago when I gave birth to a perfect, 5 week early, 4lb 3oz baby boy I really had no idea what I was in for.  I thought I had at least another 5 weeks to prep for this baby and the changes that he was going to bring.  But here we are 7 months later and life is different and better than I ever could of imagined it.  But those first couple of months were rough.  There are some things that I would go back and tell myself if I was able to.

It will get better.  Some day he will sleep through the night and you will sleep through the night.  Some day he will eat enough so that you don't have to pump after each and every feeding.  He will go longer between feeds (although not much).  

Soon he will smile at you and that will make everything a bit easier as you will finally have a reward for all of your hard work.

He will occupy himself.  Give him a toy and lay him on the floor and you will be able to shower and do your hair and put on make up.  Right now you are wondering how when you go back to work you will be able to make yourself presentable.  It will be possible.

Life won't get any less busy, but you will get your routines.  You will be able to get stuff done during the day and the baby won't cry every time you leave the room.  

You will only have time to paint your toe nails 3 times in the next 7 months though.  Because it never fails that as soon as you take the 2 month old nail polish off or get a base coat on Parker will wake up and need attention.

You will decide whether to change your outfit or Parker's outfit based on what type of bodily fluid is on it and how much of it there is.  A small amount of puke, pee or poop?  Ya we aren't changing outfits for that because you know that as soon as you do he will spit up all over the new outfit.

Despite spending 14 waking hours a day with a baby, you will love almost every minute of it.  You don't mind that some days you hardly have an adult conversation or you aren't able to shower or you smell like spit up.  Because you will love this baby more than you could ever imagine.


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