Tuesday, 11 August 2015

We're All A Little Bit Scottish

Every year Fergus holds the Scottish Festival.  It's a full weekend of bag pipes, highland dancing and beer.  Back in my previous life, the beer tent was the only part of this festival that I really participated in.  This was our first year camping at the festival and we all had a great time!

While sitting at our camp site, there was a constant hum of bag pipes.  It might sound annoying, but I actually kind of liked it.  This was a pipe band just walking around the festival.

It was nice to be able to camp at the festival because we could come and go as we pleased and I could go back to the site to feed Parker when he needed it.  Parker got lots of attention all weekend as we were camping with my parents and an aunt and uncle and then other family members and friends came to visit as well.

Parker was too little for a kilt, so we got him a hat instead.  

Yes, the hat came with red hair.  He wanted to be just like his mama.  It was so funny because he didn't mind the hat at all and he looked so ridiculous!


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