Friday, 24 February 2012

Basement Dwellers

When we moved into the new house, the whole main floor had to be renovated.  So that meant that we couldn’t exactly live up there.  So all of our belongings were piled into the basement.  Most of our stuff was put in the unfinished side.  We set up couches in the basement.  And the TV of course. 
Night 1:
Bed is at the end of the basement on the floor.
Kind of a neat way to spend the first night in the new house.  Not somewhere we wanted to be sleeping for the next month.

Night 2:
We set up the bed frame and dressers in the unfinished side of the basement.  Put down an old rug underneath the bed so it wasn’t quite so chilly on our feet in the early morning hours.  This is more like it.  Or this is as good as its gonna get.
Ryan had also made us a makeshift closet for the furnace room by attaching some 2x4 pieces to the ceiling and sticking a rod through the middle so we could hang clothes on it.  This is a lifesaver.  Not sure where our clothes would have gone if he hadn’t come up with this genius idea.  I can’t even really give more details on how it was made.  I think it was easy.  Or he’s just skilled.  That’s why I married him.

For Christmas, my parents gave us a heated mattress pad.  Same idea as a heated blanket, but under you.  Great timing mom and dad! We turn it on to high a couple hours before bed, climb in to a cozy bed at bed time, and turn it down a bit so we don’t have a sweat storm at 3am.  It has made the furnace room a bearable temperature.
We love it so much that we might just stay down here.  Or not...

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