Friday, 10 February 2012

Ploppin' the Plungers

Brace yourselves.  I am about to tell you about the greatest event ever invented.  The Plunger Plop.  It took place this past weekend, and takes place the first Saturday of every February.  It’s like Christmas.  Seriously, Ryan woke up raring to go at 6:30 on Saturday morning.  We had to get ready and get to his friends by 7:30 to eat breakfast and prepare for the day before us. 
Basically, the plunger plop is like horseshoes.  But with toilets and plungers.  We have “The Dome”, an outdoor rink in town, and there are about 14 toilets lined up down each side of the rink.  
Quite the site for an outsider I’m sure.  Usually there is ice on the rink.  We did start with a thin layer of ice this year, but between the warmish weather and all of the people walking on it all day, there wasn't much left of it by early afternoon.
It was the year of the wig.

It's like horseshoes.  We throw the plunger at the toilet on the opposite side of the rink.  There is a circle around the toilet, you want to get your plungers inside of this circle.  If you get the plunger in the toilet, it's known as a "ringer" and you get 10 points!  Ringers can win or lose the game.  It's kinda a big deal.  Beer may be involved.
Once again this year, my team did amazing, winning 3 of 4 games in regular season.  Playoffs hit and we were out of steam.  Lost the first game and we were done.  Maybe we will do better next year, but I say that every year.

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