Tuesday, 7 February 2012

House Tour - Part 1

So I guess that the first step in this would be a new house tour.  These pictures are before any of the action took place.  This is what we saw the first time we went through it! Now I preface all of this by saying that we basically knew when we viewed the house that we were going to buy it and that it was going to be a disaster on the inside.  And yes, that doesn’t mean it was any less overwhelming when we went through it.  The basement basically saved the house for us because there was at least one room that I could live with (for now).
You see, we live in a very small town.  My parents live right outside of it; Ryan bought his house there a couple of years ago, and Ryan works there as well and can walk to work.  He likes this feature and didn’t really want to compromise and move anywhere else.  And I’m kinda attached to our small hick town as well.  So we knew we wanted to stay.  Problem with a small town is, the number of houses on the market is limited.  You don’t just call up the realtor and say you wanna look around at all the house options.  Months can go by where there isn’t a house for sale at all.  Then when there is one, it’s probably in the new subdivision where houses are over $500,000 (out of our price range that’s for sure).  People don’t move out of this town.  They die.  Is that morbid? Maybe, but it’s true.   So the only way to get a house, is to wait for that to happen.  Or that's how it seems to me anyways.
So anyways, a month before our wedding, I noticed on my way home one day that there was a for sale sign on the lawn of this house.  The next day Ryan called the realtor and we went to look at it.  We put in an offer a couple days later.  They received 2 offers at the same time, so we went in with our best offer and we got it! On the condition that our home would sell.  5 days later, we get notice that they have another offer (2 or 3 actually, I forget how many).  We had 48 hours to remove our conditions.  So we did.  Meaning, we bought this house without knowing for sure that the old one had sold.  Meaning we could own two houses.  Meaning we could be poor.  Luckily, everything worked out (after some very stressful times and pushing back closing). 
So here she is. Or he.  I don’t know if our house is a girl or boy.  I think it was an old lady when we started.  We will have to wait and see what it is when we get closer to completion.

Here we go, starting with The entranceway:
The lovey whatchamacallit in the entranceway.

The entranceway- from the living room
Master Bedroom
I have the pictures from our walkthrough in here, so they have furniture in them.  I figure you get a better idea of bedroom size if there is furniture in it.

2nd bedroom - or office

 3rd Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom

The rest will come later. Mostly because I'm having issues uploading pictures, and now my font has changed and I can't get it changed back.  It has literally taken me a week to get those pictures uploaded....gah as if I'm not behind on this blog already!

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