Sunday, 26 February 2012

Making an entrance

First thing to go in the new house was this.

Ryan ripped it out on boxing day.  I know, how behind am I.  But the point is that we moved in on December 21 and this was torn out on December 26.  It's just so 80's! The bottom part might have been practical.  But we had big plans for this entrance way! We definitely wanted to remove the carpet, because carpet up to the doorway just wasn't practical.  And we wanted to just open it up and make it seem more spacious.  So out it came.

This is a popcicle stick light.  Lovely ain't it? I'm sorry, I am unaware of whether you can purchase these somewhere or if they are only made in kids craft time.


And here is a sneak peak at the after.  Still needs a light, floor all around it and such, but its getting there.  Now people don't have to worry about walking across carpet or hardwood to get to the closet and it is much more open to the living room, which should make the living room feel more open.

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