Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Wand for Me

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd.  I want to go to Harry Potter Land like yesterday.  It's all my brother and I talk about.  So lately we have felt like should probably have our own wands.  We need them.  Pretty sure a wand is a life necessity.  We were talking about whose wands we would want.  Ideally of course I would want the wand to choose me, but if that doesn't happen I'm sure somebody else's wand would suffice.
Harry Potter™ Collectible Hero Wand
Harry's Wand
I guess that the obvious choice would be Harry's wand.  That right there is a nice looking wand.  But everybody probably wants Harry's wand, and I don't like to be like everybody else.
Hermione Granger™ Collectible Hero Wand
Hermione's Wand
Next up is Hermione's wand.  I'm not really a fan of the light colouring, so it's out.
Bellatrix Lestrange Collectible Wand
Bellatrix's Wand
Bellatrix had a neat looking wand, but I feel like the curve in it would be hard to handle.  My spells might go in the wrong direction.  And she's a bad guy.

Cedric Diggory Collectible Hero Wand
Cedric Diggory's Wand

Now Cedric Diggory's wand would be powerful.  He's a wizard and a vampire.  
Ron Weasley™ Collectible Hero Wand
Ron's Wand
Ron's wand is nice looking too.  It looks pretty sturdy and I feel like it would do its wand thing well.

Ginny Weasley™ Collectible Hero Wand
Ginny's Wand
In the end though I think I would choose Ginny's wand for a few reasons.  First of all, I'm a ginger so I relate to Ginny.  Also I like the colouring and size of this wand, I feel like it would be the perfect wand for me.

What's that?  You can't actually do magic with these wands?  That's the great thing about Harry Potter, we can always pretend that it's real.  Someday one of these wands will belong to me...I just need to make the trek down to Florida. 

All wand pictures from here.

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