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Lately, I have read a couple of posts on Lesley's blog about introverts.  They are awesome and you can read them here and here.  And they made me more aware of the fact that I am an introvert, and so am not as weird as I thought.  They have also got me thinking a lot about this whole introversion thing that I'm dealing with.

You know those busy weekends that are jam packed with activities?  I hate them.  Socialization drains me.  Does that mean I'm anti-social?  Maybe.  But maybe that's ok.  Ryan is definitely an extrovert.  He loves to go out and see friends or spend time at the neighbours.  I also like friends and neighbours, but given the choice, I might choose to sit on the couch and watch a movie, because that's what I find relaxes me.  It works out well I guess for us, because as long as he spends some time with me, I don't mind that he goes out and sees his buddys without me.

Parties stress me out.  Even when I know everyone there, there is just something about them that I find hard to deal with.  And this is something that is probably the most difficult for me.  I don't want to be that person who never goes to things, because people will start to wonder about me.  So maybe I will go to a party for a few hours and then leave.  It's not because I don't like you, it's just because I've had enough.  I would much rather spend time with a few close friends than go to a party with a lot of friends.

It's amazing to me actually how misunderstood introverts are considering that they make up one third to half of the population.  When trying to find that statistic, I came across an article called "Are extroverts happier than introverts?"  I think that unhappiness in introverts may come from this misunderstanding.  We go to parties because we feel like we should and that nobody will understand if we aren't there.  But these activities aren't where we derive our happiness from.

So this long post has been to say, be kind to the introverts in your life and try to show them a bit of understanding in social situations!

My name is Kaileigh, and I am an introvert.

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