Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Well Isn't That Nifty

It was my mom's birthday this past weekend.  I won't give away how old she was, but it might rhyme with nifty....
Anyways, we had a small party for her on Saturday night despite the fact that she requested no party....It was just a few friends and family members, a camp fire and some snacks really.  It was mostly to fool her about what was going on the next day, on her actual birthday.

Oh heeeeey limo.

My dad rented a limo for us all to ride down to this restaurant that my mom loves in. 

She actually had mentioned that morning (while we were sitting around a camp fire in 35 degree weather...don't ask....) that she would like to go back to this restaurant for her birthday.  I think we all did a great job of keeping a straight face.

So we rode down in the limo.  It was about a two hour drive.  A few beverages were had along the way, that's the point of a limo right?  And what's classier than a box of wine in a limo?

The restaurant was right on Lake Ontario.  So we had a great view and great food. 

We had planned on eating her cheesecake in the limo on the way home, but we forgot the forks and plates.  So we ate it when we got home.  Which worked out well because my dad then got to light her candle with a blow torch.  Is that not normal?

Normal is not a word that is typically used to describe my family.

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