Friday, 26 July 2013

This Week

This week has been a blah week.  I've just been in a bad mood and I'm not really sure why.  Time for a vacation I say!

To go along with my blah week, I have had nothing to blog about for what feels like months now.  I do love blogging.  I feel like it makes my uncreative accountant brain a bit more creative.  During those non-blah weeks, I also feel like blogging can make you enjoy life more and appreciate the little things.  You look for things to blog about, and so that causes you to participate in more activities or look for the positives in the smaller and seemingly insignificant moments. 
happiness can be found in the dark
In other news, I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  I have only skipped it for alternate workouts, so I'm on either day 10 or 13 depending how you look at it.  Today was my first day of level 2.  I had done this workout a year or so ago, but I forgot what a challenge it is!  I literally had sweat dripping off of my forehead.  TMI?  If a 20 minute workout can make you drip sweat, then I think that's pretty good.  I feel like I worked much harder than I do in a lot of 45 minute fitness classes. 

Do you ever go to your Pinterest home page and you can tell that one person went on a pinning frenzy?  For example, I just went to Pinterest and the first 20 pins on the feed had dogs in them.  This also happens with muffins (or food in general) and similar wedding pictures.  This is just an observation, I don't really have a point.  I'm sure I have done the same thing.  People probably thought I was cuckoo for cocoa puffs when I started pinning everything Jennifer Lawrence.

How's that for a random Friday post?  I guess that just shows how disorganized my brain has been lately. 


  1. I want to try the Jillian Michael's work out but it scares me that I won't be able to do it!

  2. I love Jennifer Lawrence, too! I think she would probably be a blast to hang out with and that maybe we could bash Miley Cyrus together...

    I also did Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred...once. session. HAH.

    Does this mean WE can be friends? :p