Thursday, 18 July 2013

Throwback Thursday: Moving Out

This weeks Throwback Thursday topic is moving away from home.  The first time that I moved away from home was to go to University.  University is kind of a nice way to go about moving out of your parents house because it's only for 8 months at a time.  But that first time is still scary.  Not only are you moving away from home, but you are going to a new city with little to no friends and have to do school work on top of that.
Yes, that is my doll making sure she isn't forgotten
I chose a University that was about two hours from home.  I thought that this was close enough that when I wanted to come home I could, but far enough away that I wouldn't rush home every time the urge struck.  I still feel that it was the right choice for me. 

Living in residence kind of eases you into the whole living on your own thing.  You are around lots of people and have a meal plan and don't need to do a whole lot on your own.  Then second year kind of pushes you into the real world a little bit as you need to start buying your own groceries, and making a solid effort to get to school on time as class is no longer a five minute walk from your bedroom.
This was actually moving out of the first house, but we moved out about 6 weeks after we got married
Now, if you want to talk permanent moving out, I suppose that would be when I got married.  But I'm a special case here as I moved approximately half a kilometer down the road.  I can go home whenever I want.  Those people who move across the county, I don't know how you do it.  Even people who permanently live 2 hours from their family, I think that would be tough.  So I'm glad I live close.  This is how I grew up, with all of my family in a 15 minute radius.  My grandma could pick us up from school if my mom was busy (be prepared for that mom!).  

For some people moving out is really hard.  For me, although it was a change, I really liked the independence that came along with it and not being accountable to anyone except for myself. 

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