Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Day With My Cat

Yes you read that title correctly.  If you don't understand the relationship between a girl an her cat then just stop reading now.

The thing about Pipsi is that she's always with us.  No matter what we're doing she likes to be in the same room.  And if she's nowhere to be found, I usually figure that I have accidentally locked her in a closet.

If I'm working in the office, she's there.

If I'm working out, she's there.  She is usually either head butting me when I do things like plank or burpees, or on Sunday she was swatting at the spin bike's wheel and then watching as my feet went around, and around.... It was pretty entertaining to watch.

If we are watching TV, she's there.

If I'm packing my bag for yoga, she's there.

If we are making dinner or eat dinner, she's definitely there.  Her favourites are anything with cheese or bacon.

If I'm folding clothes, she's there.

It's kind of nice though.  I'm never alone, and that's what I love about having a pet.

Done folding, what's next?

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