Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to School

The other day, I got to thinking about University....

Oh ya, this isn't Sex and the City.

But I was going through my University's website and to be honest, I kind of miss it.  I miss the excitement that comes with starting a new school year.  You get to hit refresh every 4 months when you are in University and that's kind of liberating!
I promise this isn't all I did while at university, I studied hard
I miss being completely on my own and relying on nobody but myself.  I could workout in the middle of the day.  I could make whatever I wanted for dinner.  I could stop at the mall on my way home and wander around for an hour.  It's not that I don't have these freedoms anymore, it's that I feel that I have responsibilities.  I have to get home, maybe make dinner, maybe clean (notice the maybes).  I can't just take an extra two hours to get home from work without telling Ryan where I am.

Sure, some parts of University were stressful.  But overall, University was a great experience, and sometimes I wish it wasn't over.  Today is the day when all of the first year students will be moving into residence.  It's a terrifying and exciting time.  You are wondering if you will make any friends and what your classes will be like.  Just because you were a good student in high school doesn't mean university will come easy.
It's important to have a strong little brother to help you move in
When your parents finally leave to go home, you don't really know what to do with yourself.  Times that by a million when you live off campus for the first time.  (I had cheerios for dinner).  But I think that most people probably grow more as a person in that first year of university than at any other time in their life.  So congratulations to all the newbies out there.  Enjoy it because someday you will wish you were still there.  (People told me this about high school though and I can honestly say I never wish that I was still in high school.)


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