Friday, 6 September 2013

Home Alone

Today for Blogtember I am supposed to write about a time when I was very afraid.  I thought hard about this.  I don't really have any totally irrational fears.  I'm not afraid of spiders or anything like that, I just would prefer that they aren't near me.  I'm afraid of small dark places, such as tents, and sometimes have panic attacks when I'm in them, but that's about all there is to that story.

Then I remembered the first time I stayed home alone for a night.  I was in Grade 9, and my parents had probably gone to a hockey tournament for the weekend or something but I had to work at 7am on Saturday.  So we decided that I would stay home and I arranged for the girl I was working with to come pick me up before work.
It's the replacement of your heart of stone, into a heart of flesh.  It's learning to trust the GOD of the Bible . . . learning what He wants from you, and then from a heart full of love and joy for what is right, submitting to His will.  Our only freedom is in Him.
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As soon as I went to bed that night, I started hearing noises.  They were nothing out of the ordinary, but when your parents are upstairs sleeping, you just ignore them I guess, because you know that everything is all right.  The house was creaking and the furnace was making noise and I know it's totally crazy, but I was scared.

When Steph showed up to get me at 6:30 the next morning, I was never so happy to get out of my house.

I can't say I'm this scared to stay home alone anymore, but anytime I'm sleeping alone you are more aware of noises.  That's why I liked having a dog at my parents house, because he would alert me to anything.  I don't feel like Pipsi is a very good guard cat if Ryan is away so that sometimes makes me a little bit nervous....

Also Ryan just told me that it's 3 degrees outside this morning, so I'm pretty afraid to go out there.  I should just call in sick.

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  1. When Ryan is away you can borrow Oliver for the night. He will protect you and keep you safe.