Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Let's go shopping, without leaving the house!

Today I am sharing some of my favourite online shops.  I don't do a ton of online shopping, because I don't do a ton of shopping in general.  I'm very careful with my money and there aren't a lot of impulse buys!

One store that I look at frequently though is Lululemon.  They have free shipping so I know that if there's every anything that I need to have, I can buy it and it will actually cost me less than if I had to drive an hour and a half to the closest store.  I usually just look at there what's new section and their we made too much section.  And I usually don't buy anything, but it's fun to look!  Here are a few of my favourites currently:

Groove Pant*Slim*Ruffles
The ruffled groove pant - I love the ruffles! $108
Rest Less Tank
The rest less tank - $64
Amped Tank
I'm tempted by this $34 sale tank! $34!
*Update: I bought it.  $34, did I say that yet?  In lulu world it doesn't get much better than that*

I also frequent the West Elm website.  I also have yet to buy anything online, but I just love their stuff!  What I hate are shipping and duty charges, especially when they do have stores in Canada!

Cotton Canvas Bold Stripe Window Panel, 48
These curtains are on sale and I'm coming close to purchasing them for my office but I'm nervous about what the actual colour will be
Hive Vases
I love these hive vases, I just don't really have anywhere to put them
 And then I saw this...
Poler® Nap Sack
A sleeping bag you can wear, everyone needs one of these!


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  1. I seriously want that sleeping bag...I may even have to get it for the hubby for Christmas or something, haha.