Monday, 9 September 2013

What's Your Personality?

Today for Blogtember, I completed this personality test.  Here are my results:

Strong Introvert (89%)
Moderate Intuitive (50%)
Moderate Thinking over Feeling(50%)
Slight Judging over Perceiving (22%)

Shocker, I'm introverted!  This wasn't news to me.  Take a look at my previous introversion post. 

I find these tests interesting because they always bring up things that you are aware of, something you may not be aware of and something that you think is just plain wrong.

According to my results, I know what I know and if you ask for help I either immediately know that I can help and how or know that I can't help.  I think that this is true to some degree, but I'm not fully confident in my abilities sometimes. 

One interesting point that I didn't realize was that anyone that we consider to be "slacking" including superiors will lose our respect.  This is 100% true but I didn't realize that my personality type caused this.

We have little patience for small talk and flirtation, which can cause problems in relationships.  Sorry Ryan.  Once again though, for me small talk is difficult and a waste of time and energy.  I absolutely hate it.

We want people to make sense.  I hate it when things that people do don't make sense.  If it's illogical to me, I don't understand how anybody could come to that decision.

Then I clicked on the career choices link.  Some suggestions were science and engineering.  No and no thanks.  But then other options were entrepreneurship, librarian and law.  I would love to be an entrepreneur and work for myself.  I'm always trying to think of a great business idea, and entrepreneurship kind of runs in the family.  I would also love to be a librarian if you didn't need a specific degree for it these days.  If it wasn't for the public speaking that comes with being a lawyer, that might be the job for me!

So this test didn't tell me a ton of things that I didn't know about myself, but it was still interesting to look at and say "ya, that's why I do that".


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