Wednesday, 5 November 2014

3 Years

Today marks 3 years married to this guy.

He's a really really good husband.  Much better than I am a wife.

Last night he made me ice cream with smarties.  It's the little things.

He turns my heated mattress pad on if he gets into bed before me.

He puts up with me telling him I'm growing a human.  It's one of the useful things I've done since we got married, so I need to tell him once in awhile so that I feel less lazy.

He builds me stuff.  Marry a man who can build you stuff, it's a useful quality.  

He lets me plan vacations.  I love planning trips and he just lets me do my thing and then goes along willingly.  

He cooks me mac and cheese.  He cooks me a lot of delicious things actually, but last night it was mac and cheese and it was so good.

He makes me coffee on Saturday mornings before I get out of bed.

I'm a lucky lady and this wee baby is going to have the most amazing father.  He knew he wanted a baby long before I did (I mean I knew it, but he was really ready).  The baby is going to be spoiled rotten and will probably get way more ice cream than it should, but it will be so loved.  

Happy Anniversary Fella.


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  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful post to your fella. Congratulations to you both. You are BOTH gonna make the most bestest parents and this baby is also gonna be blessed with two sets of the bestest grandparents...what a lucky lucky baby!!!!