Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Parker @ 15 Months

It's about time for a Parker update I think!  So much has changed in the past few months.  We have a real toddler on our hands.

Weight: 15lbs 2 oz.  I was really disappointed in this, but he has gained almost a pound in 2 months, which isn't much, but he's also very active and burning a lot of calories.

Daycare: Parker was at one daycare for a few months and right now is in a 3 week transition period of being bounced around until the new one starts.  He did well at daycare and never cried when I left him.  I think he's doing pretty well going to different places as well, but he definitely misses his mommy and is needy when I pick him up.  He likes to play with other kids though and I'm always told that he's easy going, which is nice to hear.

Eating: He will eat anything, if he's in the mood.  Sometimes we can't feed him enough and sometimes he refuses to eat.  One night he loves perogies and the next night he refuses to touch them.  Sometimes he likes to be spoon fed, but if he's not in the mood and wants to feed himself he refuses it.  It's hard to keep up...

Sleeping:  He seems to be sleeping through the night on a regular basis again.  I try to give him a snack later in the evening and that seems to be working well.  Some nights he refuses to eat his dinner so then I think he was waking up hungry in the night.

Parker started walking about a month ago.  He had taken a few steps here and there and then one night just walked across the room.  It was probably a week or so after that that he really started going and he hasn't stopped since.  He can get from place to place pretty quickly now and as long as he has something nearby that he can pull himself up to a stand on he will choose to walk over crawl.

He says "What's That" all day every day.  It's kind of a whisper and hard to decipher, but I say what's that to him all the time and now he points at everything and says "What's that".  Luckily he doesn't actually expect a response. Not many other words coming out of him though.

He's so busy.  He's constantly on the move and doesn't sit still for diaper changes.  He runs around the house and chases the cat (luckily she tolerates him well).  He is trying to climb over the couch and has absolutely no fear of anything, which always makes me a bit nervous!

He's at a fun and busy and exhausting age.  Sometimes it's frustrating because although we tell him no, he doesn't listen.  And I think he knows what it means, he just can't help himself from getting into trouble.  If there is trouble to be found, he will find it.  But he's also a lot of fun.  He gives kisses and hugs, he waves and says bye, he runs everywhere, he loves the cat and he's just the cutest little creature that I've ever laid eyes on.  We love him so much! 


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