Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Comparing Babies

One of the cool things about using the same newborn photographer, is that sometimes you get some similar pictures.  I was really excited when I saw her doing this picture of Cooper, because I knew I had the exact same picture of Parker.  

Parker was so tiny.  He was probably slightly over 4 pounds when his pictures were taken.  Cooper was probably about 7 lbs.  Although there is nothing next to them to reference their size, I think you can just tell that Cooper is a fair bit longer and a lot bigger.  Parker's head was way too big for his body (and still is...)  And although Cooper is a lot bigger, he's still pretty thin.  You can really tell the size difference by looking at the positioning of their hands and legs.  

They also don't really look alike.  It's funny when you have your second baby, and it's the same sex, you kind of just expect it to look the same as the first.  How dare Cooper have his own appearance!

I just love these two boys!



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