Sunday, 29 January 2017

Parker's Birthday

It's about time I actually posted some pictures from all of Parker's birthday celebrations.  The boy was spoiled, like normal.  He had a birthday dinner with Ryan's family, one with my family and then on his actual birthday he got to go to McDonald's.  Lucky duck.
He got a Little People camper from Aunt Amy and Uncle Jamie and absolutely loves it!  It opens up and sings songs to him or he can close it and push it around.  It was definitely a hit.

Grandma got him some coveralls so that he can work outside with Daddy!

Grams and Bapa got him farm plates and swimming lessons.  We start swimming lessons next week, and from the way he's been practicing his floats and bubbles in the tub, I think he's going to love it!
Auntie Tal and Uncle B-Rad got him Hunter boots.  Or got every child that will ever be in our family Hunter boots.  You would think this wouldn't be exciting for a kid, but Parker loves boots because he can put them on himself.

Fine China for us, a Cow Cow plate for Parker.  Not that it mattered.  He wanted nothing to do with his supper.

 He got ice cream cake because he typically likes ice cream more than real cake.  Maybe not the best idea since he'd had the flu that week....I will spare you the details, but an hour later it was pretty disgusting.
 On his actual birthday we went to McDonald's for supper where Parker had fries and chicken nuggets.  

And last but not least, Ryan and I got Parker a tricycle for his birthday.  He really liked it even though he can't quite reach the pedals and doesn't know how to use it.  But we are hoping that this summer he can kind of figure it out and bike around the campgrounds with us!

 So that's the birthday that never ended for our sweet two year old!  


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