Monday, 6 February 2017

Cooper at 3 Months

This big fella is already 3 months old!  I feel bad for the second kid.  He doesn't get the same attention as Parker did or have pictures taken of him constantly.  His first year photobook might have a few less pages than Parker's did.  But I absolutely love this kid.  I could stare at his face all day long.  

I call him chunky a lot, because look at him.  He's actually not that fat, he's just a lot fatter than what we are used to!  And he's a solid little fella.

And is this outfit not the cutest thing you've ever seen.  I want to buy it in every size, forever.  Until he's 20.  (It's a one piece so he might fight me on that.)
Weight: Around 13lbs.  He was 14lbs with clothes on last week, so I estimated that his clothes and diaper weighed a pound but I have no idea.

Height: About 23 inches (these are my measurements since he didn't go to the doctor this month)

Diapers: I have moved him up to size 2.  The size ones weren't leaking yet, but I bought a ton of size 2 and the weight limit is really small on them so I'm afraid I might not even use them all

Clothes: 3-6 months.  The pants are too long, but everything else actually looks snug around the mid-section...

Feeding: Like usual, Cooper feeds on demand.  But he's typically pretty good at spacing out his feedings and will often go 4 hours between, especially if we are out and the stroller or car is putting him to sleep.  When we are at home he's more likely to eat a bit more frequently, but that might be partially because at the first sign of fussiness I just feed him.  He also tends to snack a bit more at home sometimes, so he will eat for 5 minutes here and there.  He eats 6-8 times a day usually.  Sometimes he only eats for 10 minutes, sometimes for 40.

Sleeping: He is sleeping pretty well at night.  The past little bit he has gone down a bit easier at night and can put himself to sleep.  Every once in awhile we still have a lot of cluster feeding before bed, and it's definitely not uncommon for him to basically eat from 8pm until 10pm.  After that he will usually sleep until at least 3am, sometimes 5am.  The other day he slept until 5:40.  Then I usually get another 4 hour stretch out of him.  

He sleeps a fair bit during the day, but has some awake time as well.  I feel like I'm not stimulating him as much as I should because when I'm not feeding him I'm often busy with Parker.  So that's definitely what we need to work on.

He's really tracking us now.  I just gave him a bath and when I went up to his head to rinse his hair he was turning his whole head to watch me.
He smiles, just not a lot.  The past few days I have seen an increase
Cooing and making more noises especially if he's on his own on the floor or in his crib and isn't hungry or upset that he's not being held
Puts some weight on his legs if I stand him up on me

He likes the bath now!  Since I started actually putting him in the bath rather than on the sling that sat over it, he calms down as soon as I put him in the tub.
His brother.  I see him tracking Parker and smiling at him.
Lights or the tv draw his attention
Looking outside - probably because the snow is so bright
Boobs - let's be realistic, this is his one true love at this point in his life 

Not being fed.  Kid likes to eat
Being put down.  He does like to be held.

I'm loving being at home with both of my boys.  There are days (like this morning) that are really hard, when Parker only wants to watch Paw Patrol, constantly wants food but then won't eat it, and Cooper just wants to be held and refuses to sleep (all day long...), but I'm lucky that I get this time with them and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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