Monday, 4 February 2013

I Don't Really Watch Football

I'm not really a football fan.  I think I could enjoy it if I could remember the rules, but it's too confusing.  We did have the Superbowl on yesterday though during Sunday Funday at my parents.  Dinner consisted of shrimp, wings and nachos.  Delicious.

Ryan's parents always have a Superbowl party, which is fantastic.  Unfortunately, the Superbowl is always the day after the plunger plop (more details tomorrow hopefully), and we are usually too wiped out to go out to their place and socialize. 

So because I don't know much about football, I will talk about what's really important.  The music.  I thought the Sandy Hook chorus was great.  Jennifer Hudson doesn't really do it for me.  Alicia Key's anthem...meh.  Can you just sing the anthem without making it 5 minutes longer than usual and dragging it out?  Thanks.


The half time show.  I had high hopes for Beyonce because she's a performer.  I knew that it would be more about the performance than the singing, and I wasn't wrong.  In my personal opinion, she was fantastic.  This is the first half time show that I have actually enjoyed.  She looked fantastic, she sounded fantastic.  She sang old songs that everyone actually knew.  I was slightly disappointed with the Destiny's Child reunion.  It didn't sound much different than Beyonce, which I guess just proves that Beyonce was Destiny's Child.

Unfortunately, she flipped the light switch on her way out.  After that half hour delay, we couldn't get back into it.  The game is long enough without prolonging it.  So we went home.  Apparently we missed the best part of the game since the 49ers actually caught up.  Really though, I was snug as a bug in bed, so I don't really care.

You know what would make the Superbowl better?  If we could actually get the good commercials in Canada.  We just get regular old commercials.  Chlorophyll, Borophyll.

I realize that the formatting of this post is completely messed up.  Blogger hates me today and as it is Monday I don't have the energy to fix it.  Gah.

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