Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Naked Entryway

My brother is home from his University reading week this week, and I went with my mom to pick him up at the bus station on Saturday.  We stopped at Wicker Emporium on the way there.  I wish I could buy everything in that store.  They have awesome furniture for really reasonable prices.  I have been looking for a table for our front entrance since we moved in.  The problem is, there isn't much room there.  The maximum length is 37 inches.  Most hall tables seem to be at least 10 inches longer than that.  I also don't want anything too bulky, because the entry isn't huge and you come through it to go into the living room.  I don't want it to seem crowded.  So we found this in the store.

It's 36 inches long and about 11 inches deep.  Perfect!  What's not perfect is the colour.  I just don't really enjoy the red.  And the only other colour it comes in is cream.  At first I thought about being all DIY and repainting it.  Then I thought better of that idea.  Chances are I would screw that up and then be pretty upset about ruining it.  It's a good price, but not good enough to destroy!  I feel like this space is just meant to be empty forever, and it makes me sad all day. 

So I guess the search continues.  What fun would decorating be if you found everything you needed right away?

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