Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Living in a Hick Town

This past weekend was the annual Plunger Plop.  A local event where basically we have a big tournament where we throw plungers at toilets.  I talked about last year's even here.  This year was as spectacular as ever.  The first beer was cracked at 8:30am, the last beer was drank at probably around 8:30pm.  We threw plungers and played flip cup in the middle.  Words can't even describe how much fun this day is.
The talented Meaghan got this one in the toilet - 10 points!


My sister requesting NSync - or Nstink?

We actually did pretty well this year.  We lost our first four games.  But once playoff started, we started to win and got to the third round.  Not too shabby.  (So really we only won 2 games out of 7, but let me feel like we did a good job!)

363 days until next years plunger plop.  The count down is on.


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