Sunday, 10 March 2013

Laziness Justifications

I always feel like as long as I get one task accomplished on a Saturday or Sunday, that me being lazy on the couch for the rest of the day is justified.

Sometimes, the task can be fairly easy for me.  Take Saturday for example, I instructed Ryan on where to hang my picture ledges.  Activity done, time to watch Scrubs on DVD, because I have only watched the entire series twice. 

I do realize that there are no pictures in the frames.  Let's hope that I can get that accomplished before the frames sit empty for the next year.  The annoying thing about this though, is that I had this master plan to put all New York pictures in the frames.  This was because I bought this tall picture of the Brooklyn Bridge while we were in New York, and I had nowhere to put it.  Apparently that picture was too tall though, because it lasted one day before Ryan closed the door and it fell off the ledge and put a lovely gash in the floor.  Of course there was no damage to the $10 frame though.
Notice the mushrooms on the left side of the tv... I don't have to steal them anymore!
Sunday's activity was starting to pack for our trip.  Yes, I realize that we have a month to go, but I want to be prepared.  I feel that the month will fly by and all of a sudden I will have to iron 87 pieces of clothing the day before we leave.  So now I have steamed 5 of my dresses, so there are only 82 pieces to go.  Plus I have pretty much all of the clothes that I will be taking out.

As a bonus, I washed, folded and put away some clothes. 

I feel like maybe I should be a bit more ambitious with my weekends, but I figure, I have another course starting next week, so I might as well enjoy having nothing to do while I can.

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