Friday, 15 March 2013

Some Like It Hot

Yoga is something that is very important to me. I have talked about it on the blog a few times before, but today I want to really focus on it.

I first tried yoga about 3 years ago.  I came out of that class feeling invigorated and surprisingly happy.  Since then, I have tried to make hot yoga part of my weekly exercise routine.  I usually try to go once per week.  I would go more, but the studio is half an hour from home and it's just not convenient enough.  If I had a studio around the corner though, I might be an unlimited yoga, I don't do any other exercise type of person.

Some tips for hot yoga:
  • Don't expect to be good at it immediately:  like any exercise, it takes practice and you will never be perfect.  The other people in the class aren't judging, they know that everybody has to start sometime.
  • Every day is different.  Some days I feel awesome, some days I can't hold a balance posture.  Yoga makes you realize how little control you have over your body.  But on strong days, it's amazing how much control you can have.  That might not make sense to many people.
  • Hydration.  Drink a lot of water before and after class
  • Don't feel like you need to push yourself every day.  Even now, there are times when I get light headed during a class and lying down is the best thing for me at that point.
  • Don't worry about the sweat.  A lot of people tell me that they don't think they would like it because of the sweat.  I don't like to sweat either, who does?  But this sweat is cleansing and it doesn't really seem to bother me, so give it a shot!

Reasons to do yoga:
  • It's a full body workout: cardio, strength, flexibility
  • You can lose weight doing it, I have seen it happen
  • Relaxation: there's just something about it that leaves you all relaxed and happy afterwards
  • It makes your body feel good: I notice my back hurting if I haven't been to class in a couple of weeks, my whole body feels better if I go to a class
  • It makes you more aware of your body and its abilties and inabilities
Basically, I recommend yoga to everybody because you can get whatever you are looking for out of it.  It's really a mind, body and soul workout.  Also, if you want to try it, a lot of hot yoga studios have trial deals.  A month unlimited for $40, or  a week unlimited for $20.  As long as you go a couple of times, it's worth the money.  So what's holding you back?

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