Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Whale Of a Time

So we have reached the end of my Quebec vacation recap.  You can see the other posts here, here and here.

On the last day of our vacation, we made the three hour drive to Tadoussac to go whale watching.  It was a long drive through the mountains.  The hills were intense.  I was pretty worried because for the first time in our vacation, it was pouring rain and foggy.  We took the scenic route along the St. Lawrence, and couldn't even see it, it was so foggy.  Three hours (six total if counting the drive back) is a long way to go if you can't see any whales.

The harbor looked beautiful in the fog
Lucky for us, we saw some whales, and lots of them. 

A minke whale

We saw a few minke and humpback whales.  I was really hoping for some breaching, but the best we could get was a few tails.

The tail of a humpback
It was so foggy that we could hear the blow holes of whales that were nearby, but we couldn't see them.

A Seal
 There were tons of seals.  At one point I think about 50 of them swam past the boat.
A Blue Whale

 We were very fortunate that we saw a few blue whales.  This one was feeding, so it kept coming up.  It's hard to even describe how big it was.  It's a pretty amazing feeling to be looking at the largest animal ever to have existed.  (I looked it up, that's a fact!)

A Humpback
So the drive to Tadoussac was definitely worth it.  I kept my eye out for moose on the way home since all of the signs said that we should be watching out for them, but there were apparently none to be seen. 

It was a great trip and I feel so lucky that we have so much culture and beauty in this country of ours!

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