Sunday, 4 August 2013

Home Again, Home Again

We are home from our 6 day vacation to Quebec!  I never share information like this in advance on the blog in case someone is stalking my blog waiting for information so that they can rob us.  Rob us of what, I don't know.  Note to intruders: we have a pretty feisty guard cat and not much of anything worth stealing.

It's so nice to be home.  Are we the only ones who feel like this at the end of a vacation?  We were really just excited to be back in our own surroundings, with our cat, eating regular food and speaking English.  Okay, so we spoke English most of the time in Quebec, but it was more difficult. 

I was excited to get back into the real world.  And by this I don't mean work.  Because I could go on without that.  But to being able to check the Internet (since I was told about 1 day into the vacation that I was almost at my monthly data max on my phone), watching TV and getting caught up on all I missed.  I feel pretty lame that my greatest joys in life are the cat, Internet and TV.  It's a good thing I'm married or else a crazy cat lady I would be.  Now I'm just a crazy cat lady with a husband. 

So the next little while will be an overwhelming number of vacation pictures, which I know can get boring after awhile, so I will try to keep them to the minimum.  Or at least spread the posts out a little bit.


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  1. Welcome back! I love Quebec City. So beautiful!