Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bonjour Quebec!

Quebec City is about a 9 hour drive from where we live.  We drove it in one day.  Which was crazy.  It's doable of course, but let me tell you the last 2 hours were painful, and I wasn't even the one driving. 

Old Quebec is beautiful.  It honestly feels like you are walking through France.  This vacation was a bit weird for us because the last city vacation that we did was to New York, where you can go go go for four days and still not fit everything in.  Quebec isn't like that.  We had 2 days and 3 nights and we had tons of time to spare.  A lot of it is just walking around, shopping a little bit and exploring.

Place Royale

By the end of the first day, my feet hurt, badly.  It's a lot of walking and a lot of hills.  On the bright side, considering how much we ate, all of that walking was probably a good thing. 
One of the highlights for Ryan of course was the poutine.  For those who don't know, poutine is a Quebecois invention which involves French fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.  It is extremely delicious and back in my younger years (meaning grade 9 and 10) I ate it frequently.  I have to be a bit more careful with it these days.

The highlight for me was the crepes.  One day for lunch we went to a crepe restaurant.  When I eat crepes, I just go all out.  Why waste time on a meal crepe when I can just go straight to dessert?  So nutella and bananas for me!  Ryan actually got a pizza crepe that had cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni and it looked really great. 
Walking the walls

Chateau Frontenac
Despite all of the walking, it's a somewhat relaxed vacation.  There isn't a million things to do in Quebec, so you can just take your time.  They do have horse carriage rides for fairly reasonable prices if you need a break from walking, but we didn't end up doing that. 

Next, I will talk about a few of the actual activities that we did in Quebec, so stay tuned! 


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  1. I've taken the Megabus from Toronto to Montreal a few times. It's super cheap (I've gotten tickets for $1 before!), it has wi-fi and you don't have to worry about driving.

    I try to go to Quebec about once a year. It's so nice there! Although, I don't think they like that I don't speak French..