Thursday, 29 August 2013

Why Do We Read Blogs?

Bloggers are always talking about why they blog.  I think that it's something that we periodically have to ask ourselves so that we know whether we are still doing it for a reason.  Blogging takes up a ton of time and energy and so it's important that you re-evaluate periodically to ensure that it's something that is worth the time that it takes. - May the blogs be EVER in your favor!

But what about reading blogs?  Why do we do that?  Why are we so intrigued by the lives of others?  Some blogs we read because they provide us with useful information.  These blogs may be fitness, food, fashion or mommy blogs depending on your interests.  We read these blogs because we can utilize the information that they provide in our daily lives.  But then there are the "lifestyle" blogs, which is what I would probably define this little blog as. 

I don't know that I can fully explain my interest in the lives of others.  But in the end, I think that it's mainly the connection that I feel to the blogger that keeps me coming back.  You read their post and can say, I'm going through that too, this is how they dealt with it and maybe I can do the same.  Or if they can do that, I can do that!  Many bloggers only include their best moments, I am guilty of this as well.  Whether it be because I want to keep this space positive, or because I tend to be a private person, I might not include those tough times on the blog.  I strive to be more honest at times like these, to really put myself out there.  There is a fine line with blogging about real life and maintaining a generally positive space.  But the real life is what keeps people coming back for more and allows that connection to be made.

I read blogs because I have a genuine interest in what other people are doing.  I talk about bloggers as if I know them.  I'm sure it's annoying.  But once you have read 20 posts by somebody, you do feel like you know them and understand what they are going through.  I think it has made me much more aware of issues in the world and different lifestyles.  It makes this big world feel a bit smaller when I know what is going on with someone who lives in France, or England, or Texas. 

Why do you read blogs?


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