Friday, 9 August 2013

People Are Good

There is a man at work who's son was diagnosed with cancer back in December.  I don't remember exactly how old his son is, but he is between 9 and 13.  Too young to deal with that. (Is there ever a right age to deal with cancer though?) 

His son went through chemo, but recently, they were told that he basically had a few months to live.

So his department at work decided to hold a fundraiser.  Canada has an awesome health plan, so between that and his work benefits, I'm sure most things are covered.  But there are always expenses that aren't covered.  Driving to the hospital, staying in the Ronald McDonald house, or maybe providing him with experiences.  I really can't imagine what this family is going through.

There was a BBQ, a bake sale and a 50/50 draw and we raised $3600 in one day.  My office has about 250 people in it.  To be honest, I've never met this man, but I wanted to help, even if it was just a little bit, and apparently a lot of people felt the same way.

It's just amazing how people can come together when they are affected by something.  I hope that although this money doesn't fix the situation, it makes life a little bit easier for them, or at least lets them know that people care.


  1. Sorry to hear about your co-workers son. It's definitely great that so much money was raised and that people really came together for it. It's just too bad that his son has to go through that!

  2. What a sweet gift for that family to receive. You are right there is never "right" age for anyone to get cancer. What an amazing outpouring of love.