Friday, 24 January 2014

Thank you Canada

I'm worried about what other people are thinking about my country these days.  

First we have this winner, who continues to get publicity.
The other night he got into one of his drunken stupors again.  Apparently as he wasn't working at the time, it's ok.  Well in my opinion as the mayor of one of the biggest cities in the world, your drunken stupors should be few and far between.  And since when is being in a drunken stupor an excuse for doing whatever you want, including smoking crack?  

I would like to add a disclaimer that he's not my mayor.  

Then we have this gem.
Justin Bieber 2013 Images
Born and raised about an hour from where I live.  How proud we are.  In case you didn't know, the other night Justin got an impaired charge in Miami.  He's not even old enough to drink in the states!  I don't understand celebrities and impaired charges.  You are rich!  You probably own your own limo!

What happened Justin?  Oh right, too much money, too quickly, too young.  The best thing that he could do right now is take a break and come home to Stratford.  But he won't.  He will wait until his life is completely destroyed first.  We've seen it before and we will see it again.

But please people, don't judge Canada on those two winners alone.  Lots of amazing people come from this country of mine!  So please people, when you are judging Canada judge us on this:

Yes that's much better.



  1. When thinking of Canada, I will always think of the Ryans before the crack heads and teen douche bags, but thanks for reminding me what beautiful, hunky men your country has created!

  2. He's my mayor :(

    Just like you, I hope people don't think negatively about this great country because of people like them!