Monday, 20 January 2014

Winter - I'm Really Not a Fan

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I really love my country, because this whole winter thing, it's kind of ridiculous.  If I didn't love Canada so much I would probably move to Florida in a second.

This weekend we went up to the cottage.  It was actually really nice and relaxing.  It's so nice to just get away from home sometimes where you can sit around and do nothing and not feel guilty about it.  Unfortunately, while we were gone my house didn't clean itself.

And then I made myself go outside.  Because why go to the cottage in the winter if you aren't even going to enjoy the great outdoors.  I realized when we were outside for a rather short walk, that this was the first time this winter that I had been outside beyond just walking to and from my car.  Sad?  Maybe.  But I would probably be sadder if I had to be out in the snow all the time.

Our outdoor time was short lived.  About 15 minutes in the snow is enough for me.  You would think after almost 27 years I would be used to Canadian winters.  I'm not sure it's ever something that I will get used to.  

Luckily we had wine to come back to after our walk.  I should have known that blog pictures would be taken and that I maybe should have actually put some make-up on.  But I was at the cottage, who does that?


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