Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Working from Home

I commute an hour each way to work.  Which I'm pretty used to, but during the winter it sometimes really sucks.  So I was lucky enough to recently be provided with a laptop so that if needed I could work from home.  
The view from my car on a winter day
Well this winter just won't let up and I woke up to a very windy and snowy day yesterday.  I decided that I was better to be safe than sorry and would work from home.  And I've got to say that I loved it!

Because I got up at my normal time to go to work, I basically ate some breakfast and got into some lulu pants and got straight to work.  So instead of starting work at 8:00, I started at 6:30.  I saved 2 hours of driving, still took a lunch and by 4:00 had put in a 9 hour day!  (Typically my days are 7.5 hours, but this time of year we work a bit of overtime.)

So at 4:00 I got to shut everything down, feeling like I really accomplished a lot during the day and instead of a 1 hour drive I had a 10 second walk out of my office.

I don't know that I would want to do it all the time.  I think that I would feel cut off from my co-workers and might go a bit stir crazy.  But once in awhile it's really nice to be able to stay home, eat lunch with my husband and get a lot of work done with very few distractions.  


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