Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Country Boy in the City

Yesterday Parker, my mom and I headed into Toronto to be in the audience for a Cityline taping.  I have been twice before but going with a baby was a new experience!

We had to leave the house by 6:45...which was also a new experience but something that I will have to do daily very soon.  We travelled into Toronto and hopped on the subway to get downtown.  This was Parker's first subway ride!  He seemed to enjoy it because he could just look at all of the people.

The taping itself was kind of stressful.  They told us not to worry about our babies making noise but if they got really cranky to take them out of the studio.  Parker is just so busy these days and doesn't want to sit still!  So I was letting him stand up and hold onto the chair.  Well of course he fell down and started screaming.  I couldn't believe that my good baby was the one that got called out on TV for being fussy!

Once he calmed down I let him eat puffs for the rest of the taping and that kept him occupied.  I should of done that from the beginning apparently.

The show was actually very interesting and it airs next Wednesday if anyone wants to see if we made it on TV.  Half the time I couldn't see what they were doing from our seats so I'm trying to look around people or looking at the monitors to see what was going on.  They told us not to do that but they were making a trifle with brownies and caramel....I mean how can I not look! 

I just have to say that Tracy Moore has to be the nicest TV host ever!  (Not that I have that much experience with hosts.)  But the three times that I have been to Cityline she is so involved with the audience and so friendly.  And she might be faking it, but if she is she's great at it!  It has to be exhausting to be that friendly to a bunch of random people every single day.


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