Monday, 15 February 2016

Wedding Fun and How a Baby Changes Weddings

This weekend my cousin got married to the love of his life.  I'm not usually cheesy like that, but seriously, these two just love each other so much.  They had me a blubbering mess during their speeches.  They are such a great couple and make each other so happy.  I'm so glad that Leigh is now a member of the Scott clan and officially a "cool cousin!"

Ryan was in the wedding party, which meant that we didn't just have a wedding night of fun, we had a wedding weekend of fun!  They got married about an hour from home, so we went down on Saturday and spent the weekend with the people that we love the most.  We had an amazing suite and although we were sharing it with 4 other people, plus all of the people my sister invited to the room, having more than 30 square feet of hotel room is always pretty cool.

The bride was absolutely breathtaking.  The venue was great, the food was delicious and we had some good laughs.  And it was all over before we knew it, with no more Scott weddings in the near future, which made it even sadder.

I've been to two weddings since I had Parker.  And let me tell you, it's a different experience now, which I wasn't expecting.  Once you become a parent, you see things through the eyes of a parent.  When the ceremony is happening, and when the father gives away his daughter and the parents of the bride and especially the groom give their speeches, I think about my baby boy.  I think about how quickly the time will go and how some day that will be me.  And then I cry.  It's ridiculous.  But their words just hit you differently.  You realize that they are you, 30 years from now, but it probably hasn't really felt like 30 years since their child was a baby, it probably seems like yesterday.

Thanks for getting married guys, it is always a great excuse for a great party.

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