Wednesday, 27 January 2016

He's Very Sneaky

A few weeks ago Parker spent a couple hours at the babysitters for a trial run.  When I came back to pick him up, the babysitter's 3 and a half year old told me multiple times that "he's very sneaky"  I know.  He is very sneaky.

Today I strapped him in while he was eating his lunch because he has been enjoying standing up in his high chair.  I only strapped in his legs because I felt like the 5 point harness was overkill and typically strapping in his legs is enough.  Apparently not anymore.  I went to do something on the other side of the kitchen and I came back to him standing up in his highchair.  So I guess it's the 5 point harness from now on...

We have to blockade the stairs because they call to him.

If you leave the bathroom door open or the toilet seat open then the toilet paper might just end up completely unraveled or even worse, in the toilet.

He's constantly pulling all of the dvds out of our tv cabinet.  (Can you childproof a tv cabinet?)

He's all boy and he gets into things that I wouldn't even think about him getting into.  He keeps me on my toes that's for sure.


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