Monday, 11 January 2016

Some Christmas Stuff

For most of you Christmas probably seems like forever ago.  Honestly, it feels like that for me as well.  But since we left on vacation on December 27, I haven't had a chance to blog about the all important baby's first Christmas yet.

I had low expectations for Parker's first Christmas.  Not low expectations for Christmas as a whole, I just figured that Parker wouldn't care much for it.  And sure, he didn't really have a clue what was going on, but he was so good at all of the events!  He would open a present and play with it until the next toy came along.  He did not nap well because who can nap when all of that excitement is going on!  But even with the lack of naps he was pretty well behaved.

Is that a yawn Parker?  Probably because you didn't nap...

We have lots of Christmases in our family.  Christmas Eve we go to my inlaws.  We did Christmas morning with Parker at our house and then headed down the street to my parents.  Christmas dinner was at my Aunt's house (which luckily is just down the street the other way, that's a small town for ya...)  Boxing Day we went to my Grandmas.  So it's only 5 celebrations in 3 days...

But we all had a lot of fun, and of course Parker was the star of the show.  
A baby still has to eat, even if it is Christmas!
I have to give some credit to my husband as well though.  He went all out this year.  He got me a new purse that I love, built me something that I had been wanting and got me this gorgeous piece of art.  He did good.


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