Monday, 25 January 2016

Parker at 1 Year!

Yesterday was Parker's first birthday.  How did we even get here?  It's is unbelievable how fast the past year has gone and how much Parker has changed in that year.  When they are newborns, they seem so exciting.  And then they grow up and develop personalities.  They become mobile and understand you (or choose to ignore you even if they do understand you.)  And that newborn stage seems so far away and so boring now!

At each age I have said that I love the stage that Parker is in now the most.  And that's a really good thing because I think that despite each stage having it's own difficulties, I have truly enjoyed the first year of his life.  I feel so lucky that we are able to take a full year off to be with our babies.  Parker and I kept busy this past year, and when we could we brought his dad along too!  We had a lot of fun.  And although the next year will be different as I'm going back to work I'm hoping that I can change that quantity time that we've been having to real quality time.
So serious because mommy wouldn't let him play with the blocks

Weight: 13lbs 12oz - I really wanted to get him to 15lbs by his first birthday.  Oh well.  He's still following his curve and the doctors aren't concerned.

Height: The doctor measured him at 28 inches.  My parents measured him at 26....I kind of feel like my parent's measurement is more accurate.

Feeding: Parker eats 3 meals a day and a snack.  He will eat pretty much whatever we are eating.  If it's easy to eat he feeds himself.  Sometimes we still feed him if necessary.  I try to make his meals as full of fat as possible!

Parker still basically exclusively nursed until we got home from Florida on January 9.  On January 10 the weaning started!  He had a cup here and there before that but had never really been made to drink from it.  For the first few days I tried to give him a cup as much as possible but fed him when I felt like I needed it.  It was usually about 3 times a day.  But at this point we are down to once a day before bed.  I'm not sure how long that will last.  Otherwise though he's doing great with the cup!  He uses a 360 cup rather than a sippy cup and it's working well.  And it's nice that he knows when he's thirsty and can go and help himself.

I feel incredibly lucky that I could nurse for basically a year.  It's such a weird feeling to be done though!  But honestly I'm happy to have my body back to myself and not be completely tied to Parker.  It was a great blessing while we were doing it, but it was definitely time to stop.

Milestones:  Parker learnt to climb stairs while we were in Florida.  Now whenever he's around stairs he wants to climb them.  Little rascal...

He stood for a few seconds on his own (according to his father).  But he's not walking yet unless he has something helping him.  He is getting sturdier so I can see the walking coming soon.

I worked a couple days this month and Parker stayed with Grams.  He did great while I was gone, didn't miss me and napped and ate well for Grams.  The first time I came home I left the room and he lost his mind.  The second time he just wouldn't let me out of his sight and wanted to snuggle.  So it's nice that he's fine all day, but I'm not going to lie, I like that he misses me.

Likes:  He still loves the bath.  He loves the pool, especially slipping in off the edge.  He really likes to eat macaroni and cheese, meatballs and banana.  

He likes to get into everything!  We finally child proofed our kitchen because he was getting into the garbage, pulling out pots and baby bullet items.  We have an open cupboard that he's always pulling stuff off of, we haven't come up with a solution for that yet.  In the bathroom he likes to play with the garbage, the toilet paper and sometimes even stick his hands in the toilet. 

He got a lot of toys for Christmas and he loves playing with all of them!

Dislikes: Being told no.  You just say no to him and he starts to cry.  He knows what he isn't supposed to do and will watch for a reaction, but he always does it anyways.

Nap time.  Until he realizes he's tired.  Most of the time he cries for 30 seconds and then is fast asleep.

What a year it has been!  We haven't enjoyed every second but we have enjoyed every day.  We love you Parker Pants!


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